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Actual senpai Ennoshita protecting Yamaguchi (´;ω;`)


someone requested kurodai like forever ago sorry this is so late


I really wanted to draw DS charms 


I really wanted to draw DS charms 

Nekoma High’s Captain

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probably best read while listening to the song the lyrics are from

here have this unfinished comic because i’m so fucking lazy, and i have too much shit i need to get done that i’m probably never going to actually finish this. BUT HEY it was fun, i had some good practice, my hand almost fell off from how sore it is. what more could i ask for? no seriously i need to go and ice my wrist ahahah ccries


To nutterbutternatsu - a lovely person who came into my life via a barrage of Tsukkiyama messages in my ask box about what, a month ago(??OMG it feels like longer) and has made me fall in love with my OTP across various verses and dimensions with our discussions:

・*:.。. .。.:*・゜Happy★Birthday!!ヽ((◎´∀`◎))ノ゚・ 

You requested a pic of your office AU so - there you go. As much as I like you, I still kind of want to strangle you for being so unsympathetic to my whining about dying over drawing their stupid suits…. asswad. = 3 =

But anyways. Have a great birthday and learn to sleep during proper human hours okay!


I always love the asshole characters

Also Kuroo looks like baby Hiruma dont fight me on this